Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bandwagon post: Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara

I was looking for a new mascara, since my Revlon 3D volume mascara is almost gone, and at the time, I wasn't exactly loving by Benefit They're Real mascara, and I decided to try this one.  It's Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara, made by an Asian company and created by a Japanese TV personality.

The wand is uniquely shaped, and the formula is wet but fairly lightweight.  Because it's not waterproof, I don't see the curl and hold that I see with They're Real.  It does wash off easily, but I don't find it to be a very dramatic mascara.

What I like about this mascara is that, although it's black and I'm the blondest blonde, it looks a bit more natural than some other mascaras.  It's not heavy, volumizing, or particularly lengthening on my lashes, but with more applications, it can be. It's suitable for a more natural, effortless, "I'm not wearing much makeup" look with normal application.  I find it to feel softer than They're Real, which probably accounts for why it's easier to wash off!

A big pet peeve of mine is mascara that won't come off, despite using eye makeup remover and face wash.  I scrub and scrub, then moisturize, go to sleep, and when I wake up in the morning, BAM - raccoon eyes!  A lot of women likely don't realize they still have small amounts of mascara left on their lashes, but because I am so blonde, my lashes are incredibly light.  Any color at all shows, and this mascara comes cleanly off.  It also doesn't flake off throughout the day, and I haven't experienced any smudging or running.  I haven't cried while wearing it, so I don't know how it holds up then, but for the most part, it's a nice everyday mascara.

My favorite mascara, lately, is definitely Benefit's They're Real.  I've gone back to using it and with each day, I like it more and more.  I just don't love the raccoon eyes in the morning!