Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring 2012 Essie polish haul

I stopped by a beauty store that I've never been in before, and boy am I glad I did!  They had the new Essie polishes out by the register, so when I was paying for my Biotin (I was in there looking for polish and bobby pins), I squealed rather loudly and tossed these three babies onto the counter.  Good thing - they're $3.50 cheaper at that store than at the drugstore!

Sure Shot, No More Film, and She's Picture Perfect

My first reaction when I saw Sure Shot was that it's awfully similar to Miami Nice.  Both are iridescent, but Sure Shot is a beautiful magenta, while Miami Nice is actually a bit more sheer hot pink with a duo-chrome look.  Sure Shot is much more opaque - it only took one coat.
Sure Shot and Miami Nice 

The next one is probably my favorite - No More Film.  It's a beautiful deep violet blue, no shimmer or duo-chrome.  The picture makes it look really similar to Mesmerize, but this is much darker and richer.  (See the swatch at the bottom of this post.)  In lots of light, I see the violet.  But in less natural, darker light, it's a deep navy blue color.

No More Film 

The last color is a beautiful reflective lilac, She's Picture Perfect.  Pictures don't do this very pretty color any justice.  It is quite sheer - I had two coats on in the picture below, and it still wasn't as opaque as I like.
She's Picture Perfect 

Sure Shot, No More Film, She's Picture Perfect 

I love all three colors.  The only color I didn't pick up was Pink-a-Boo, which is a glittery baby pink.  I don't have the best luck with very light Essie colors - they tend to streak on me and the paint lifts too easily on my nails.  It's certainly pretty, but wasn't one I needed for my collection.  I like OPI's Otherwise Engaged for that.

Would you wear them?