Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sephora haul

In keeping with my rebellion against Ulta, I submitted an order online for Sephora a couple weeks ago.  Here's what I got:

My hands are so dry in the winter, especially because I wash them a lot in hot water, so I needed something to give me some relief.  I've heard good things about Hand Food from Soap & Glory, so I decided to give this a shot.

I was also looking for a perfume to wear in my wedding, and I'd heard Lovestruck (Vera Wang) was really good.  I have and adore Vera Wang Princess, so I ordered a roller ball of this to try out.  (And possibly keep in my wedding day clutch for quick and easy touchups, plus it will travel well for the honeymoon!)

Also related to the wedding is my desire for smooth non-red arms, so I broke and ordered a tube of KP Duty lotion.

I've been eyeing Hervana for a while and I needed another blush, so I got that, and I'm almost out of eye shadow primer, so I decided to give Too Faced Shadow Insurance a shot.

Look for reviews coming very, very soon!