Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Navy Baby nail polish review

I've mentioned before that I'm a sucker for purple nail polish, so it comes as no surprise that I'm a sucker for blue polish too.  I don't wear too many blues, lighter ones stand out a little too much and look a little too young on me, but I have a few darker shades that I really enjoy.  Recently, I went on the hunt for a nice, creamy navy color, and found Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in the color Navy Baby.

My little brother is currently in the US Navy, so it's always fun to find a color that almost feels like a little "homage" to him and his service.  This color is beautiful.  I unfortunately do not have a picture of it on my nails right now, but I am currently wearing it on my toes.  (Please excuse me for not taking a picture of my feet... I don't want to attract that kind of audience!)  It takes 2 coats, applied carefully, and with a good quality top coat, the color looks great - shiny and smooth.  Sally Hansen colors appear to be more chip-prone with regular hand use, and this shade is no exception.  I find that a similar color, Essie's Mesmerize, lasts much better, but this shade is just too pretty to pass up!  So, I deal with the chips and enjoy the shine!

Would you wear a navy blue?