Friday, December 9, 2011

Banned Until Pan #2: Make Up For Ever HD Primer

It's time for an homage to another retired beauty product!  The next item to get used up is Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation Primer #1.  This primer not only helps smooth out your skin and hold foundation longer, but its green color helps negate redness in your complexion.

I like this foundation because it's smooth with a moisturizer-feel to it, rather than being thick and silicone-like.  It doesn't sit heavily on your skin and it blends nicely.  I've heard some concerns that the green color shows through your foundation, but those people are either wearing way too much primer or their skin isn't really red enough, so they're over-correcting.  My cheeks are quite red from rosacea, so the green in this primer works nicely for me.  It isn't a "holy grail" product for me, but it does a nice job of maintaining my foundation and makeup throughout the day.

The picture is of the original bottle, and I have not purchased a replacement.  This is not because I don't like the product!  It is merely because I have several other types of primers, and because of this Beauty Ban project, I want to get through some of them before re-stocking.  So, the Make Up For Ever HD Primer will work its way back into my vanity eventually, but only after the other products are done.