Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Banned Until Pan #1: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +

It's time to post about my first product to "kick the bucket" since I started my ban (several others have since passed on - I'm backlogged)... Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet +.

Picture is actually of replacement bottle.  Yes, I purchased again!

I wear shade #25, which is an ivory color with pink/peach undertones.  I wear NW20 in MAC, and Buff in Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup with SPF 20.  So, I'm sort of fair, but never the lightest shade in the spectrum.

One of the things I really love about this foundation is its coverage.  I've always stayed away from fuller coverage foundation (and at one time, foundation altogether) because of the fear of looking like a clown or causing major breakouts.  The Mat Velvet + is different because the color not only matches my skin really well, but it doesn't tend to be cakey or thick on my skin.  I apply it with a small stippling brush from Real Techniques, and blending is very easy.  It gives my skin a nice, polished appearance without the look of pancake makeup.  Because I have such red skin, I like this foundation for covering the red without taking away all color (Bare Minerals, I'm looking at you).

It also does a wonderful job of thwarting an oily appearance that oftentimes happens with other foundations.  This product is mattifying, so you'll find that your face tends to keep the shine at bay, without looking gross or dry.

Another thing I really like about Mat Velvet + is the lasting power.  Foundation is frustrating when it only lasts 4-5 hours, and it gets annoying carrying your whole makeup bag around with you, running off to the bathroom to reapply in the middle of the day.  With this foundation, I found that it held its own throughout the day, despite me touching my chin a lot, and even gives valiant effort during my intense gym sessions.  At the end of the day, I'm always surprised to see how much comes off on my cleansing cloths.  And it doesn't even look like I'm wearing that much!

I will, and have, purchased this again.  I currently go back and forth between this foundation and another that has lighter coverage.  I always set my liquid foundation with a powder for an even more polished appearance, and I remove all makeup nightly with a cleansing cloth.

I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for experiences with this foundation.  I highly recommend it to all my friends, and the only downfall of the product is the relative lack of shades, so you may not find exactly your right shade if your color is more unique. I also have had trouble finding this in Sephora located in JC Penney, and usually just purchase online, but regular Sephora stores do sell it, and I recommend checking it out the next time you're in the market for a fuller coverage foundation.