Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hi folks!  (All one of you who reads this...)

I have not abandoned this project.  I've got something huge going on right now... We bought our first house!

It's all very exciting.  Today we got our appliances - a new refrigerator, and a washer and dryer.  We also bought two televisions.  And we still have so much left to buy!  We close on Wednesday, and then it's a flurry of activity while we get out of this apartment and into the house.

Soooooo... this means the poor blog isn't getting the love it deserves.  I'm thinking about doing a post on moving tips.  A sort of checklist of things to do, remember, calls to make, websites that are helpful.  Stuff like that.  I've moved a few times in my life, so I've got the routine down pretty well, but it's still quite the ordeal each and every time.  I got some great deals on nice appliances, so I can even talk about that.

I also want to do a review of some more nail colors.  Current love?  Orly Cotton Candy.  It's the perfect light coral-y pink for summer.  I am also enjoying OPI Happy Anniversary, which is a pearlescent glitter.  I use it as a top coat for now.  Much better for an accent nail rather than chunky glitter.  These two colors together look really pretty.

Well, I just wanted to update and say that there is no update!  Once the dust settles, I'll post more product reviews, including Blow Shampoo and Conditioner, It's a 10 Leave-in Treatment, and my August Birchbox when it arrives!

Come back soon, and bring your friends! <3